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SKY ROCKET YOUR SALES through Effective Packaging

Creative and appealing packaging designs inspire sales and help companies to illicit strong impression in their targeted audience. An overall attractive packaging also increases the shelf value of your products in the market. Another advantage of introducing an engaging packaging design is that it’ll help you boost your Brand Awareness among masses. People are more likely to associate with brands having better packaging designs for their products. A good packaging design help you bind your customers and increase your trustworthiness which in turn results in shoot in market demand & sales of your product and services.

BOTWITS| Providing Solutions for your Business

BOTWITS is offering remarkable innovative Package Designing Services in USA. We aim to provide you Interactive, smart and intelligent packaging layouts & designs that helps your customers to have a better understanding of your products. Apart from designing to make your product look appealing We believe in smart packaging for your customers by adding informative elements about your product like the ingredients, instruction, directions for usage etc. This keeps your customers aware and increase their proficiency of product usage.

Increase the SHELF LIFE of your PRODUCT

One of the critical elements involves in packaging designs is their market effectiveness and shelf life. We help you design packages that are not only aesthetically and visually appealing but also fits your retailers’ need. This will increase the life expectancy of your product in the stores and market places. The size and overall layout helps your package to be preferred and make you stand out in front of your potential competitors in market.
Around 72% of customers agree that packaging design can influence their purchasing decision.
Another important factor involves in the fruition of an effective packaging design is in understanding the company’s aim and product expectation. At BOTWITS we make sure we satisfy your expectation to maximum by analyzing all the aspects associated with your product including your target audience attitudes and preference. We design according to your target audience age, class and certain set of repetitive behaviors towards your product.


Our Packaging designs go through a series of steps before they are ready for product intrusion and market placement. This stratagem of packaging process makes the preparation and final look much easier and steady.

Design Production

The main step is followed by gathering unique ideas and concepts all over for an effective package design. Brand identity, color, font, image incorporation is done in this stage to bring the process to its final stages.

Briefing Stage

This the first step to begin with where we collaborate with company itself while carefully examining & understanding their goals and priorities regarding their product and services. This helps us in planning a roadmap that matches our clients’ business needs and expectation.

Project Planning

We follow a systematic framework incorporating all the information we have received to bring the product packaging design in its physical form. All the deadlines, labor and quality is managed in planning process.

Design Dieline

We make the flat diagrams to illustrate all the cuts and folds of the package.

Design Revision

Next step comes with client satisfaction and suggestion. We help them if they come up with some different ideas in its mind.


Our creative & analytical team carefully select design an study market trends to make your packaging design stand out.

Market Review

Once the product is set off to the market. We collect the feedback and carefully analyze product acceptance patterns.

Why Your Business needs a Logo Design?

Botwits is Logo Designing USA based company offering visually attractive and detail oriented logos for your company. Elevate your business identity by introducing unique and creative logos for your organization in market.
“People believe and choose what they see.”
Botwits logo designing USA based company is well aware of this fact that’s why we make sure we provide your business a logo that not only makes you stand out but also reflects the values of your company that will leave a long lasting impression on your target audience. Business flourish when they are marketed well. We help you retain your market face value by designing interesting logos for your company. Get your customized logo design at affordable prices.


Logo Design techniques
Video Designing techniques

Video Designing Services in USA

Another tool you can use to engage your audience is Video production. Videos enhance your business communication and awareness among masses. It’s much easier to demonstrate your product and brand using video channel.

Botwits is excelling in this field also by being one of the excelling video designing company in USA with its amazing videography technics. We produce high resolution, engaging and appealing videos for your brand, products, services and company. This will not only increase your brand awareness but also helps in eliciting strong “Call to Action” (CTA) response in your target audience. We study market trends, target audience and your core business motive to provide you with exceptional videography experience for your business.