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An ideal business firm or organization is incomplete in its services if it fails to inform and update its customer vigilantly. Managing your enterprise while handling customer support services can be tricky as it demands lot of nerves and attention. But not anymore as we are here to serve this arduous task for you with our eligible team. We provide you an efficient call center setup that transcends the communication barriers between your organization and customers. We help you establish business credibility and customer retention by constant systematic pouring of information. We build a well-connected environment that helps your customers reach you more effectively. We make sure all their queries are met on time and all their issues can be resolved as soon as possible.



Why you need our Call Center Services?

Solid Customer Base

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Great Customer Acquistion

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How Does BOTWiTS Call Center Services uplift your buisness?


providing absolute customer satisfaction using out leading-edge infrastructure & system


27*7 operations


Experienced and robust team of qualified & dedicated professionals

Why is Call Center Services in High Demand in the Business World?

Having an in-house outsourcing management can be a hefty task for any business, mostly because they are usually very expensive to maintain which ultimately results into the business dismissing the service. It is highly noticed that enterprises experience huge loss because they do not have the means or the ability to retain their customers, that is where BOTWiTS comes in handy.

Call-Centre outsourcing services have been widely in use since a long time and we have achieved mastery in this field by providing businesses with effective outsourcing services at affordable price. Which means customer service will be completely looked after us so that you can focus on various other aspects of your company.

BOTWiTS provides outsourcing services of both kinds, namely-:

Inbound call center services include customer management for your company.

Our experts make sure that all the customer’s in your company remain loyal to you. Inbound calls are received by our experts from your customer’s end; where they present their enquiry, feedback, complaint etc., and we adhere to it on your behalf.

Inbound call center services comprise:

Inbound support enables your company to grow constantly by making sure that your customer base remains strong.

Inbound services basically are the pillar that your company requires, especially when it needs to bolster its brand image.

Outbound call center services are very different from the inbound services. Where on one hand inbound services are about customer management, outbound service experts buckle up to hunt down potential customers who may require your product/service. .

In other works, outbound services mainly focus on the sales part of your business ensuring an always increasing graph on your sales report. Outbound call center services comprise:

With the help of our Outbound services and expertise you can expect a sharp increase in your company’s revenue generating opportunities..

The services that BOTWiTS provides is completely curated and depends on the specifications and requirements of your company, thereby, doubling your sales margins.